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 MAT® - Muscle Activation Techniques

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MAT® is for everyone — from youth athletes to post rehabilitation to the senior looking to increase their health. The MAT® approach prepares your body for optimal performance restoring your quality of life.

  • A powerful muscular assessment tool that analyses and correct muscle imbalances

  • MAT® focuses on the cause of pain by testing, correcting and maintaining muscle contractile efficiency

  • MAT® increases flexibility and strength

Perfect solution for those who have met with:
physical therapists | chiropractors | fitness trainers | yoga instructors

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Common Questions

Q: Are there ways to keep your muscles activated?

Yes, once we come to a conclusion of what muscles are shutting down and are causing the problem we will individually train those muscles. You will be given exercises to do in between sessions to help reinforce and strengthen the muscles so that they hold longer.

Q: What is MAT for & why is it so important?

MAT® is a system of checks and balances that that allows the practitioner to correct and treat muscle imbalances as it relates to the contractile ability of the muscle. Once a muscle loses its ability to contract efficiently other muscle have to compensate for the workload not being put out, thus causing muscle imbalances, pain and limited range of motion.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

Your progress depends on your goals and your current condition. If your goals are to run with a better stride and you don’t have a history of surgeries and herniated disk. Four sessions may be enough to help you get to that goal. If your goal is to run your first marathon but you had knee surgery and 2 herniated disk, it may take you more sessions.


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I came to Maurice to help me with chronic biceps tendonitis in my shoulders. It is really unbelievable how much greater range of motion I have (without pain) after a session. He identifies flexibility issues I don't even know I have and gets me moving right again. He's also given me exercises, a few at a time, to do on my own to strengthen my weak areas between sessions. Highly recommended!

Jarrod D.

Maurice you are a miracle worker. My wife was complaining of pain in her joints and now she can jump rope without complication. My son also had some football injuries that we eased by a few visits. MAT is special practice. I am grateful my family found you. I will refer you to anyone recovering from injury or whom is serious about being an athlete.

Ashley B.


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