What is a post rehab and conditioning program?


A post rehab and conditioning program is the next phase of rehab or medical care. When people get released from PT or chiropractic care they have no idea of how to further manage their condition with exercise besides what was shown in rehab. There are several stages of exercise for specific conditions that will further progress the results of the therapy and or injury. A good PRC program will transition the individual to a normal exercise program without further injury.  There are PRC programs for:

  • Hip replacements, shoulder repair, low back pain

  • Impingement, tendonitis, sprains, strains

  • Cancer, M.S, stroke

If you have a disease or are recovering from injury or surgery and you want to get to the best physical state that you can contact your nearest medical exercise specialist and set up a consultation. In many cases, insurance reimbursement is available for these conditions.