How to get motivated for exercise



Here it is 3 months in to the new year and for many theirnew year’s resolutions are a distant memory. As spring break approaches youmight be thinking its too late for me, what’s the point now or ill just tryagain next year. I would like to point out that your first goal should be toget healthy. Being healthy creates a better quality of life, help to preventsdisease, and lessens your need for medications. So, you can start anytime toget healthy and you don’t need a resolution for that. Looking good is a benefitof being healthy so I am going to give you a few tips on how to get back on thewagon and get healthy.

Motivating tips

  1. Have fun. There is no greater way to lose motivation to work out than do some type of physical activity that you do not enjoy. Great examples of these types of programs are HIIT training and cross-fit. Both workout styles may be beneficial for short term goals but long term I would not recommend. The stress these types of workouts put on the muscles and joints can be severe and not working out due to injury is way worse than losing motivation.

  2. Workout with others. There is no better way tostay motivated than to work out with someone. Rather it be with a best friendor some type of group class, accountability is one way to make sure you get ontrack and stay there. Hiring a personal trainer that fits with you is anotherway. When you pay money for a service most people want to make sure they gettheir monies worth and a trainer will hold you accountable.

  3. Treat yourself. There is nothing in my opinionmore motivating than buying some new running shoes or a fitness tracker to getyou back in the mood of working out. What makes this even greater is that you don’thave to spend much money to do so. Stores like Marshals and Ross have sectionscompletely devoted to fitness gear and gadgets with most of them being lessthan 20 dollars.


Here you have it, 3 easy tips to get you motivated and backin the gym.  There still is no bettermotivator than results, so stick to whatever program that works for you andreach your goals by summer time. Stay determined, stay consistent and achieve change.