Exercise is the key to long-term injury management.

Head of Dynamic Fitness & Medical Training, Maurice Harden partners with medical healing professionals to maximize a patient’s longevity.


We work with many different types of medical partners:

  • Doctors (M.D.)

  • Physician Associate (P.A.)

  • Nurse Practitioners (N.P.)

  • Physical Therapists (after PT)


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Meet Maurice Harden,  MAT  Medical Fitness Trainer

Meet Maurice Harden, MAT Medical Fitness Trainer

Maurice Harden

Maurice Harden is a ten-year military veteran who was also trained under the new Army Physical Fitness Program. He is the first and only MAT®specialist in the Tampa bay area who graduated from the Master’s Degree program focused on muscle activation techniques®. He also holds a Bachelors in Health & Wellness, and an Associates in Pre-Physical Therapy. His licenses and certification include Certified Muscle Activation Technique® specialist (MATs), Certified MAT® jumpstart trainer (MATj), Medical exercise specialist (MES). ACT – personal Trainer.

Maurice has taken all three resistance training specialist courses to become certified. He has over ten years of professional experience as a certified nursing assistant and patient care technician working in the medical Industry with various types of patients, ranging from severely obese to post surgery.


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